Statistical Tools For Testing Laboratories And Templates – Efficiently Produce Effective Results

Method evaluation, transformation of laboratory and control of data results into diagnoses all involve a decision step. The statistical tools for testing laboratories and templates used to organize the information and check the congruity of decision making. The testing laboratories mainly focus on the use of classical statistical tools that can include the computer based simulation and replication techniques to enable the theoretical distribution. To obtain the optimal limits of statistical tools used for classification purposes. In statistical tools the analysis of multivariate distributions can possible to maintain the relationships among the variables involved. It can involve in many evaluations such as results obtained on the same specimens with different methods, different laboratory data related to the same patho physiological situations etc.

The most common techniques of statistical analysis of data define the discriminant and cluster analysis, principal components analysis, these are also used for GUM bottom up and top down approaches. The analyst needs to know whether the result of measurement can be accepted with confidence. The GUM approach is most important for the researchers to get confident about the new developed methods and what are the criteria they need to follow to respect and ensure its validity. It is also essential to know whether an analysis method is suitable for the intended use.

The statistical tools for testing laboratories and templates allow us to address all the points. The experimental protocols applied in many works based on a common methodology. It can be inspired by regulatory guidelines regarding statistical data analysis in analytical method validation, to optimize the number of assays and satisfy the study of validation criteria. In order to get a better understanding about the statistical analysis of raw data such as treated for for quantifying: an active ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs, a heavy metal in fishery products, and a drug in seizures.


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